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Have a list of repairs from a home inspection report? Call 1可以做到这一切. During the selling of a house, there comes a time when an inspection is done. After the inspection is complete, the seller must often make repairs to the house they are selling. Naturally, this is seen as a great big hassle. But one that has to be addressed to move forward with the sell of their home.

Call 1 bet9下载app线路检测 Services can take care of all the items on the inspection report list – with just one call. We will review each item on the repair list, provide you with our solution along with an estimate. Once approved, we will then start the project checking off item after item in a timely manner. We understand that these types of repairs must be done responsibly and efficiently. Issues in plumbing and electrical are common items on inspection reports; but these are no problem for us.

Take the chaos out of the inspection phase of your home sell by contacting us at Call 1 bet9下载app线路检测 Services, (704) 614-3420.

All home contractors and handymen are not the same. We hear the horror stories; a repair man left the homeowner with a bigger problem and ran off with their money, phone calls left unanswered. We don’t work that way, and our reviews reflect that. We are the guys who clean up other people’s messes. Call us first and avoid a horror story of your own.


Call 1 bet9下载app线路检测 Services is a family-owned general contractor, specializing in renovation and handyman services since 1992. Call 1 can help you with all of your home construction needs. We can handle any home improvement or repair, from plumbing and electrical needs to smoke and water damage. We pride ourselves on doing any project with the highest standards of professionalism and craftsmanship.

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  • What is your schedule and how long will my project take?

    Don’t just get a start date and an end date; get completion dates for items along the way. This helps you know when workers will be at your house and helps to keep the project on schedule.

  • What will my project cost and can I get it itemized in writing?

    很明显, it is important to get a cost for your project before work begins, but you should also know whether the prices are an estimate or an actual final cost. Getting the costs itemized also helps in case you decide to remove a piece or need to decrease the overall budget. And getting it in writing assures that there are no misunderstandings.

  • Who will be working at my house every day?

    Some companies will send a salesman to sell you the job but then you never see him again. Make sure the person you review your project with, will also be on the job site to ensure your desires are met. It is also good to know who to expect inside your home on any given day.

  • How will you protect my property?

    Will the company you hire use dust containment measures during demolition? Will they make sure drop cloths are down before sanding or painting begins? Will the construction area be isolated from the rest of your home? Will they be careful when moving any of your belongings? And will they remove all their mess when they are done?

  • What is the best way to communicate with you?

    With so many options for communication, it can seem impossible to have a conversation with your contractor. Find the best method for reaching your contact person and ask to learn how long it generally takes them to return calls.

  • What happens if I need to make a change?

    If you need to make a change to the work you have agreed to, ask the contractor to let you know immediately if it will change the cost and the timeline. This is best done in writing to avoid any mistakes or miscommunications.

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